My Fuel Pump, on-demand fuel delivery platform, aims to automate refueling

My Fuel Pump is the first IoT enabled on-demand fuel delivery platform trying to automate the supply chain system of the fuel sector since 2020. Apart from Fuel, My Fuel Pump has also come up with services for Electric vehicles and is also capable of building the Governments new initiative of implementing an Electric Vehicle Charging station if necessary.

For this instance, an Electric Vehicle Charging station can be planted all over Bangladesh through its platform. My Fuel Pump would help individual Clients to build the infrastructure to their desired premises. And also, if anyone is willing to do business by planting the Electric Vehicle Charging station from My Fuel Pump to their business premises, they can plant the infrastructure of the Electronic Vehicle Charging Station.

They also can integrate with My Fuel Pump’s APP; where the customers can order and locate to the nearest My Fuel Pump Electric Vehicle Charging Station and charge their vehicles.

With the following services, My Fuel Pump is delivering LPG cylinders to the doorstep of the customers; Also, providing the LPG conversion system to the customers need to their vehicles to the LPG conversion centre.

Verified Refueling is the other service where the customer can locate their surrounding Petrol Pumps with facilities and fuel they require. Avoiding any kind of hassle and traffic; they can go through the priority lanes of the petrol pump and collect fuels to the nearest My Fuel Pump Verified Petrol Pumps all over Bangladesh.

My Fuel Pump has recently signed an agreement with East Coast Groups (Clean Fuel Stations) to implement these services all over their petrol pumps. My Fuel Pump is also getting all the Autogas pumps all over Bangladesh under one umbrella of My Fuel Pump App.

Corporate Clients can order in one single platform to order fuel monthly, they can go to any My Fuel Pump Verified Petrol Pump on their way all over Bangladesh and collect Fuel on their way to their destination.